secret time


Secret time Membership details

Official live date to purchase 5/24/2019

Official live date 6/1/2019

· Limited group of 75 memberships annually at $300 per membership. Membership is valid for one year. Membership does not auto renew. Members have first right of refusal to renew their membership the following year. Benefits, discounts, rewards, promotions, events, and offers are solely for the listed member. Members will be allowed to name (1) proxy for packaged beer pickups.

· 15% off merchandise, 15% off taproom draft pours, and 15% off (2) 4-packs or bottles of each new beer released. (Repeated recipes like $Texas will not receive a discount.)

· Early access to new beer releases. Once a beer is packaged, members will be notified that it is ready. Members may then purchase it in the taproom before the general public. Note that packaging takes place on a variable schedule, sometimes just hours before release to the public so there will be no guaranteed period of early availability.

· (2) bottles of all limited-release barrel aged beers will be reserved for each member. Members and their proxies will have two weeks to purchase and pick up these bottles in the taproom at a 15% discount. Any bottles not picked up within two weeks will be made available for the general public to purchase. This allows members to avoid lines on release day and get barrel aged beers at their convenience. In unusual circumstances such as an extended vacation, members may contact us to have their bottles set aside for longer as a special accommodation. This accommodation is at the sole discretion of Turning Point and may be revoked from a member if abused.

·Members will have the opportunity to participate in the creation of (2) member only Secret Time beers annually. One of these beers will be barrel aged. Our brew staff will present a list of ingredients and styles for members to choose from and a voting process will be held to create these two unique beers. After brewing, members will receive these beers in either in (2) 4-packs or (2) 500ml bottles when completed at no extra charge. If there are extra beers remaining after member allotments, members will have an opportunity to purchase the remainder.

· Members will receive 30% off of (1) ticket to any anniversary event, food pairing, or special event held at the brewery.

· (2) Secret Time members only private parties will be held annually. All secret time members will be allowed (1) guest of their choice to attend private parties with them.

· Members will receive the following items: (1) Secret Time member challenge coin, (1) Secret Time 13.5oz Rastal Teku, (1) Secret Time member t-shirt. The challenge coin will be used as your membership identification and must be present when making purchases in the taproom in order to receive your membership benefits.

• Members will have access to purchase special seasonal member only merchandise when available.

• Access to exclusive Secret Time members only Facebook group with updates, beer release schedules, and other info.

• Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.