Turning point beer

1307 Brown Trail

Bedford, TX 76022



Turning Point Beer began roughly six years ago. At that time it was named 6 seconds brewing (luckily we had the sense to change the name). Alex Knight and James Peery had been bitten by the craft beer bug and wanted to take a stab at making their own creations. Whether the flavor of the week was a French saison, lager, pale ale, or an ipa aggressively hopped with warrior their journey led to them securing brewing positions at two of DFW’s most respected local craft breweries. Making these moves to learn exactly what it takes to produce consistent quality craft beers, the concept of Turning Point slowly began to evolve and grow. At the end of December 2016 we decided to put it all on the table to chase our dreams and start campaigning to raise capital and brand awareness. Through many local craft watering holes that took a chance and allowed us opportunities to engage with their fantastic patrons, we were able to actually meet many local craft beer fans, and finally secure funding to start the business. At the end of August 2017, we had signed our lease on our space here in Bedford Texas (1307 Brown Trail Bedford, TX 76022). With the help of many of our friends and family members and the support of all of you reading this, we proudly opened our doors March 17th 2018 for our grand opening. Turning Point Beer is more than a brewery, its a lifestyle, a social house, and a center to inspire and create.

We would like to thank the following local businesses for their never ending and continued support, without y’all we would probably still be brewing on the weekends in the garage:

Ron’s Corner Tavern , What’s on Tap, Lonestar Taps & Caps, The Brass Tap Allen, Braindead Brewing, Community Beer Company, Martin House Brewing Co, Bru City, On Tap, The Bearded Monk, LUCK, Wiseguys Pizzeria, Kool Keg Arlington, The Thirsty Growler, Fullclip Craft, and 3 Nations Brewing Co.



Meet the team

Alex Knight — CEO, Co-Founder, Director of Brewing Operations

Jon Paul (JP) Goytia — Co-Founder, Director of Public Relations

James Peery — Co-Founder, Director of Task Delegation

Rachel Neil — Taproom Manager, Director of Special Events

Andrew Martin — Production Manager

James (Jim Jam) Herrington —Brewer (juice king)

Eli Traks — Social Media Manager, Content Creator



"A force to be reckoned with in Texas." — Thrillist

"A cut above the rest of the other Dallas Fort Worth breweries." — D’Marion Harris of Regall and Greyne

"The first brewery in the North Texas region to produce New England-style IPAs on a regular basis. " — Tenemu

"You want an underrated Texas brewery on the come up to root for? This is it." — Ale Sharpton of Thrillist Magazine